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May 30, 2017

Hot Topic credit card: Is It worth It?

Hot Topic Credit Card, the Guest List card comes with perks that’ll encourage shopping at Hot topic. For starters of Hot Topic you’ll get 15% off your first purchase. You don’t shop often at Hot Topic Credit card. The Guest List Card is a store credit card that you can use only at Hot Topic credit card. If you’re not a Hot Topic regular, consider picking a credit card you can use elsewhere. If you’re a regular shopper at Hot Topic Credit Card, you’ll like the Guest List Credit Card. It’s a store credit card with fun perks to keep you spending.

There’s more to keep the Hot Topic loyalist happy, including shipping discounts and birthday offers. And the truly faithful can [...]

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May 30, 2017

GameStop Credit Card Review

You’re a dedicated gamer or unevenly shop at GameSpot, know that there are significantly better options for you than the GameSpot Credit Card. Unlike most other store credit cards, the GameSpot Credit Card doesn’t offer any important benefits for signing up. Users can earn a low sign-up bonus and not much else. The GameSpot Credit Card currently doesn’t offer cardholders enough value to deserve signing up. Most people will be better off with another rewards credit card and simply using GameSpot’s regular rewards card.

The card advertises the ability to pay off your purchases later. However, with a high APR of 27.24%, we don’t suggest anyone does that. Otherwise your [...]

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