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July 4, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review

Here we are Describing about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review is getting a bit long in tooth in mobile terms, but that don’t think that means it not worth buying especially at less than $400/$500 without a contract.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is Samsung’s phablet follow-up to the Note 3. The Note really isn’t cheap at launch. If you buy it directly from Samsung it will cost you an eye-watering £629 SIM-free, but you can find it for less if you shop around. These days it costs a lot less.

You get a lot for that price, though. A ‘2K’ QHD screen, speedy Snapdragon 805 processor, [...]

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July 4, 2017

Samsung Notebook 9 Review

Here we are describing about the Samsung notebook 9 review. Now, the Samsung Notebook 9 seems poised for another big win for the company in the Ultrabook space. Weighing less than most tablets – let alone the MacBook Air – this 13-inch laptop also offers a decent chunk of storage, Full HD screen and Intel Core i5 processor power at just $949. It’s not as affordable as the thrifty Asus ZenBook UX305, but the Samsung Notebook 9 is one stellar entry-level Ultrabook.


If you’ve seen a Samsung laptop in the last four years, the Samsung Notebook 9 will look familiar. Prior Samsung Notebook Series 9 owners will notice this 13-inch Ultrabook apes the [...]

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