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July 5, 2017

Samsung ATIV Tab 3 Review

Here we are Describing about Samsung ATIV Tab 3 Review. The battery life is another of the                 Samsung ATIV Tab 3  selling points, tagged to last for 10 hours, which is good enough for ‘most’ long haul flights, according to Samsung’s official press materials. It’s always good when these things are absolute, isn’t it? Lest a slew of returns occur at Hong Kong’s airport, with disgruntled Samsung ATIV Tab 3 owners annoyed at the lack of power they encountered whilst watching Van Wilder: Party Liaison for the fifth time on the flight.

The ports are much less generous than on the Ativ Q or the other Windows 8 laptops, with only a [...]

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July 5, 2017

Samsung Galaxy j5 Review

Samsung Galaxy j5 Review owners needn’t be too worried, though, since the J5 makes compromises in other areas, such as performance and overall build quality, in order to help keep the price as low as possible. Here see the Samsung Galaxy j5 Review. The most important thing it feels well-made, and the J5 delivers on this in spades. Its matt cover is rather plain compared to the grooved finished on the 3rd Gen Moto G, but both phones feel like they could survive the odd knock.

 Samsung Galaxy J5 Review: Display

Where the Samsung Galaxy J5 leaps ahead of the 3rd Gen Moto G is its 5in, 1,280 x 720 Super AMOLED displays. This is the cheapest Samsung phone I’ve ever seen to [...]

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July 5, 2017

Xiaomi Mi Box Review

Xiaomi Mi Box is the first Android TV device with mainstream appeal. Xiaomi Mi Box, the cheapest 4K HDR streaming box on the market, comes from two names you might not be familiar with. The Xiaomi Mi box is built by Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics vendor that has largely avoided the U.S. market until now. As for the software, the Xiaomi Mi Box runs Android TV, a big-screen operating system Google launched a couple years ago, and then promptly began neglecting in favor of the more popular Chrome-cast.

The Xiaomi Mi Box is the first new Android TV streaming box since mid-2015, and it comes with a strong pitch: For $69, you get 4K HDR video, a voice-controlled remote, a speedy [...]

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