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Best Phones of 2017

Best Phones of 2017

by kavitamevadaMay 19, 2017

Best Phones of 2017 are yet to be announced. Before you promote your current smartphone, read the latest news and rumours on the best phones launching this year. Best phones of 2017 resolve offer faster performance and longer battery life, thanks to the new Snapdragon 835 chip for which banner performance figures include 25 percent faster graphics rendering and half the power consumption compared to the Snapdragon 801.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus


Likers of big phones won’t find a prettier device with a larger screen wherever else, but you’ll want to make sure it isn’t too tall for you and the fingerprint reader too hard to reach, before you commit.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a big phone that manages to make a 6.2-inch screen look graceful. It has every hardware and software advantage of the ultrasleek, curved Galaxy S8, including long battery life.

You’ll have to reach higher to get to the fingerprint sensor on the back — a straight day of this gets annoying.

You obtain all the same core software features and hardware guts as the smaller S8. Like a vast, crystal-clear display, a superspeedy processor and a camera that takes great shots in bright daylight and low light.



The LG G6 is a attractive phone and persons suspicious of Samsung should get it. The beautifully design LG G6 is water-resistant with a tall, outgoing display and an extra wide-angle camera.

The phone is LG’s first flagship in years without a removable battery. It has last year’s Snapdragon 821 chipset.

In high school, being different only works if you’re also cool. Otherwise, you get mocked or, possibly worse, completely unnoticed. LG can no doubt relate.

After the lackluster response of its unique, modular-like G5, LG decided not to double-down with another quirky approach to mods.

In its place, it upturned course, toed the party line and released the more conventional G6. Gone is that funky hot-swappable chin.

In its place is a slim, water-resistant build whose screen takes up an enviable 80 percent of the phone face. In favor of LG, this is the safer but smarter play because the G6 has to do battle with the OnePlus 3T, the Google Pixel phones and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

OnePlus 3T


This is our new favorite budget Android, but if you have the OnePlus 3, you don’t need to upgrade. The OnePlus 3T battery lasts method longer takes sharper selfies and has a 128GB storage option. Pricier than the OnePlus 3, the 3T now directly competes with better phones.

The OnePlus 3 was our preferred mid-price telephone until this 3T came along. I have no idea why the company is in such a rush to replace its already excellent phone so soon after its launch, but there you have it.

In addition to at this time you have a telephone that’s the new standout in its category. Oh and don’t worry — the 3 is far from obsolete.

Compared to the OnePlus 3, the Oneplus 3T has a darker grey color and a new 128GB storage option. It’s got a faster processor, a bigger battery and a better front-facing camera. It’s also a drop more exclusive at $439 or £399 for the 64GB variant and $479 or £439 for the 128GB model.

Samsung Galaxy S8


The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the irritating fingerprint reader could sour your experience.

The best-looking phone approximately crushes it in performance, battery life, water-resistance and wireless charging. An external storage slot lets you keep more photos, videos and music.

Its gracelessly located fingerprint booklover leads to camera smears and longer unlocks times, which is annoying when you use it to unlock your phone dozens of times a day.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is without a doubt the most beautiful, polished phone I’ve ever held. For Samsung, it’s also the most important phone.

It represents a ability to renovate buyers’ confidence after the Note 7 battery disaster and an opportunity to cement the Samsung name as the top Android brand against rivals from Google, LG and OnePlus.

What makes the Galaxy S8 so special is this: A tall, narrow shape that fits snugly in my palm and curved sides that scream “classy.” And the screen? 5.8 inches of colorful gorgeousness and a display that stretches from edge to edge with just a whisper of a bezel.

For its looks alone, Samsung’s flashiest phone lands at the top of the class. Belief me, while you see the S8 and larger, pricier S8 Plus, you’re gonna want to put your hands all over them.

Google Pixel


If you’re wary of Samsung or looking for a valuable iPhone alternative, the Google Pixel is the high-end Android phone to get.

The Google Pixel has an unbelievable camera, principally in low light. It’s gracefully designed. Google Assistant takes one of the most natural, human approaches to answering your voice.

The phone’s demonstrate is muted in outside sunlight and its camera’s Lens Blur feature is shoddy. It’s splash-resistant rather than dunkable, and it’s pricey compared to previous Google Nexus devices.

The Google Pixel remainder our favorite phone, bar none — unless you’re looking for a bigger screen, in which case we’d recommend its big brother, the Pixel XL.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus


The iPhone 7 plus is one of the best point and shoot cameras ever and it’s a great phone, too. Dual rear cameras deliver true 2x optical zoom, with a cool bokeh Portrait mode.

Battery lasts longer than last year’s model, and longer than iPhone 7. Water resistant. Fast. Better storage options include 256GB model for severe photographers.

There’s no standard headphone jack: you’ll have to use Lightning, or the incorporated adapter, or go wireless. Design is viewing its age, as competing phones squeeze a 5.5-inch screen into smaller, sexier bodies. And it’s really luxurious.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus


With a long list of features you want and only a few that you don’t, there is no better budget phone than Motorola’s Moto G5 Plus.

The splash-resistant Moto G5 Plus has a near stock version of Android Nougat, a good camera and video, and a metal construct and it’s mainly variety to your wallet. There’s no NFC on the US model, and audio sounds tinny through the built-in speaker.

The thing that makes the Motorola Moto G5 Plus the best budget phone on the planet is that, for the most part, it doesn’t feel like one at all.

It looks, feels and operates like a much pricier phone, which means that wallet-watchers are getting a great deal.


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