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Best Speakers of 2017

Best Speakers of 2017

by kavitamevadaMay 19, 2017

Here I have listed the Best Speakers of 2017. Best Speakers of 2017 still offer the best balance between audio quality and size, and are so well established that even now manufacturers’ new models always seem to feature the near-obligatory bookshelf variety.

Best Speakers of 2017


Best Speakers, Best Speakers 2017



The LG SH7B proves how far reasonable sound bar/wireless subwoofer systems have come, and sounds regularly probable with movies and music.

The LG SH7B offers excellent performance for the money, mostly for movies. The connectivity on offer is enhanced than most competitors with HDMI, optical, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Streaming options include Google Cast, Spotify and Pandora.

Adding environment is a little ad hoc. If you want to listen to music, a dedicated stereo system will sound better for the money.


Equivalent with comfort mechanism, the ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 sounds much better than you have any right to expect from a speaker of this size and price.

The ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 loudspeakers offer the best performance of any speaker we’ve seen for the money. They transport profound, tight bass; an effortless midrange and sweet highs. The soundstage is wide and unexpectedly deep.

The speakers’ vinyl finish isn’t all that durable. Low sensitivity and low impedence mean they may require an expensive, high-quality amplifier to sound their best.

Emotiva Airmotiv T1

The Emotiva Airmotiv T1’s on the go sound wills application to audiophiles on a budget who are hankering for a big-speaker sound for music and home-theater systems.

The Emotiva Airmotiv T1 is a large, affordable three-way speaker featuring high-end appointments including a folded ribbon tweeter.

The T1’s sound excellence offers close to the blessed trinity of sound quality: full punchy bass, expressive midrange and airy highs.

The bass response is deep enough to forgo the need for a separate sub in smaller rooms. Bulky appearance, utilitarian black finish.


The ELAC Debut B6 expansion speakers suggest earthly, best-in-class sound quality that no other speakers can match at this low price.

The ELAC Debut B6 bookshelf speakers look sharp, and boast excellent sound for a bargain price. Abode acting buyers can easily partner the Debut B6 with ELAC’s matching Debut Series tower, center and subwoofer. The Debut B6 is only available in a black vinyl finish.


SP-EBS73-LR is hands down, the very best-sounding bookshelf/surround speaker we’ve heard in its price class.

Pioneer’s Dolby Atmos-enabled Elite SP-EBS73-LR speaker has the best sound we’ve heard from any stand-mount speaker in this price class.

It has a three-way design with a 5.25-inch woofer, plus two sets of 1-inch tweeters, mounted concentrically in the middle of 4-inch midrange drivers. Build-quality standards are high.

Treble forwardness can expose poor recordings. It looks like it may be some time before you’ll be able to use the SP-EBS73-LR’s Dolby top-mounted Atmos driver.

Yamaha YAS-203

The Yamaha YAS-203 breaks outstanding of most of the exterior constraints of budget sound bars, sounding bigger, more spacious, more dynamic and clearer than anything near its price.

The Yamaha YAS-203 sounds great for the price, with excellent soundstage depth for surround movies and very good music playback.

It offers a host of valuable features together with Bluetooth and DTS decoding, dedicated source indicators on the front panel and a great remote control.

The sound bar comes with a rear-mounted IR blaster just in case the speaker blocks the IR port on your TV. Refusal HDMI inputs; it has faintly harsh Bluetooth sound with non-aptX devices.

SVS Prime Tower

The SVS Prime Tower’s highly transparent sound will appeal to audiophiles hankering for big-speaker sound at a price they can afford.

The SVS Prime Tower is a strapping and great-sounding speaker for the money. The “3.5-way” design offers significantly more detail than standard two-way offerings.

The speakers are proficient of reasonably deep bass and work well in a home theater context. They’re available in a stunning high-gloss black finish.

The sound’s highly detailed character can lack warmth. The rear panel’s twin bass ports need a foot or more of clearance from the wall behind the speaker.

Pioneer SP-SB23W

The Pioneer SP-SB23W is the best logical noise bar if you care about sound quality, with its exceptional sonics making up for some of its design limitations.

The Pioneer SP-SB23W offers outstanding sound quality for a sound bar, particularly when it comes to the blend between the sub and the main cabinet.

Concert is even more inspiring allowing for the size of the tiny wireless subwoofer, which is easy to hide in the room. And there’s also built-in Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming.

The system’s style won’t wow you and the sound bar’s relatively chunky size might block your TV’s remote sensor.

The included remote is mediocre and there’s no front-panel display for visual feedback while making adjustments.

bowers & wilkins 805 d3

The Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 are the supercharged sportscars of the high-end speaker world, combining whiplash-inducing looks, cutting edge technology and exquisite performance.

The Bowers & Wilkins 805 D3 is one of the best standmount speakers you can buy. The speaker combines perfect put up quality and sumptuous good looks.

Sound quality is amongst the best of the best with a wide and deep soundstage and excellent articulation and dynamic heft. The equilateral tweeter’s complete treble never resorts to the harshness seen in cheaper speakers.

The 805 D3 is priced like the ultra-high-end speaker it is. Its relative lack of low end won’t suit bass heads.

Pioneer SP-PK52FS

If you’ve got the space for it, the Pioneer SP-PK52FS is simply the best-sounding, budget-price home theater speaker package you can buy.

The Pioneer SP-PK52FS breaks new position for excellence sound at a budget price. The 5.1 speaker system is highlighted by two tower speakers in the front, plus a 100-watt, 8-inch powered subwoofer completes the system. And although it’s not stylish, the curved wooden cabinets look better than a cheap boxy speaker.

The speakers are bulkier than many alternatives and the large center channel can be difficult to place. Black wood-grain vinyl is the sole finish option and might not be a good fit for every living room.

bose soundlink bluetooth speaker ii

Though it remains somewhat pricey, the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III is a superlative portable wireless loudspeaker, improving on its already impressive predecessor.

The Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III sounds great for a compact Bluetooth speaker, playing louder than its predecessor and offering much better battery life. It also has a sleek and sturdy design, an auxiliary input, and the option to swap out protective covers.

The speaker is pricey and has no speakerphone capabilities; requires dedicated AC adapter for charging.

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