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Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club Review

by kavitamevadaJuly 14, 2017

Dollar Shave Club Review is the World’s Most High summary Razor subscription service. But are flashy advertisements all hype and no essence? Or in Dollar shave Club really way to shave? Let’s Find out today in our Dollar Shave Club Review. The Dollar Shave Club Review razors are a pretty good deal. Not of necessity because the blades are any cheaper than you would get if you bought this same kit in bulk, but because of the automation.

As a common forgetter of grocery lists, knowing that right around the middle of every month a new set of razors will show up without any additional effort on my end is pretty great.

This isn’t even a principally new concept; you can setup automated repeat orders of a lot of things on Amazon. In this case, it was just the right grouping of marketing, ease of use, and a decent product. With that, I have a feeling I will be using Dollar Shave Club Review for awhile.

It is an extremely Simple setup. The First month of your Service with dollar shave club you get a handle and three heads from whichever of the three choices you pick from. There’s a two blade kit from any of the three choices you pick from. There’s a two blade kit for $1/month, a four blade kit for $6/month, and a six blade kit for $9/month.

If you get anything other than the $1 kit, delivery and handling is included. Since I was going to give this a try, I figured why not go all out and get the six cutting edge kit. According to the website, you can downgrade anytime you want, and you’ll be sent a new handle that next month for free.

What is the Dollar Shave Club? > Dollar Shave Club Review

The Dollar Shave Club (DSC) Review is a razor blade subscription service which sends high-quality razors to your door every month for just one dollar (plus $2 for shipping and handling).

The idea is that in its place of buying razors every month and “spending a fortune”, guys can save $100 or more through the subscription service.

In their commercials, Dollar Shave Club claims that guys spend an average of $20 on brand name razors, with the vast best part of that money going towards celebrity endorsements and flashy commercials or “things you don’t need” like back scratchers, a vibrating handle, and a flashlight.

Noticeably, the commercials are dialect in cheek, but you get the point: most of us spend more than we should on razors, or leave old blades on for too long.

The Dollar Shave Club Review was founded in July 2011 in Venice, California. The company became well-known after this video hit the internet in 2012 and went viral.

What Kinds of Razors Are Available? > Dollar Shave Club Review

Each razor has stainless steel blades, an aloe Vera lubricating strip, and a pivoting head.

According to a 2012 article by, Dollar Shave Club’s razors come from an online store called Dorco.

Dollar Shave Club buys its razors from that company in bulk and marks them up. You can buy from Dorco yourself for the same price – even though you need to buy razors in large bulk shipments to enjoy most of the savings.

There are three different types of razors offered by the Dollar Shave Club:

The Humble Twin:

“A great basic shaver, for guys who dig simplicity and precision”. This razor features 2 stainless steel blades and comes with 5 cartridges per month for $1 plus $2 shipping and handling. There’s also a lubricating strip along the edge.

The 4X:

“Member favorite – a gentle shave in a single stroke”. This razor includes 4 stainless steel blades and comes with 4 cartridges per month. It also has a 90 degree spinning essential head and a lubricating strip. $6 per month with free shipping.

The Executive:

“The final frontier – it’s like a individual assistant for your face.” This razor has 6 (!) stainless steel blades and comes with 4 cartridges per month. There’s a special trimmer edge built into the blade. Like the 4X and The Humble Twin, there’s also a lubricating strip. $9 per month with free shipping.

Dollar Shave Club Review: The Dollar Shave Club Review is available in t he Australia, United States, Canada.

Canadian customers can simply add 50 cents onto each price listed above (that price includes shipping and handling). So the twin blade is $3.50 per month, 4X is $6.50 per month, and the 6X Executive razor is $9.50 per month.

In Australia, the Dollar Shave Club is a little more luxurious. The cheapest plan costs $4 per month, with the middle plan costing $7 per month and the Executive plan costing $10 per month.

How Does Dollar Shave Club Work? > Dollar Shave Club Review

Dollar Shave Club Review is designed to make shaving as simple as possible. Here’s how Dollar Shave Club Review works:

You sign up for the Dollar Shave club and pay your monthly fee of $3, $6, or $9 per month using a credit card. Your card will be charged very month.

— You’ll immediately begin getting razors every month. All new members get a free compatible handle. After that, you’ll carry on receiving 4 to 5 cartridges every month (1 shipment per month).

— You can easily improve or reduce your plan at any time – if you want to try out The Executive for one month, and then decide you can’t afford it, for example, and then you can easily do that.

— You can also cancel at any time thanks to Dollar Shave Club’s “Satisfaction Guaranteed” promise.

— Shave your face using the shaving cream of your choice. Replace your blades every week, or faintly more often than that if you’re using the twin blade plan.

— Different razors have different handles. Most people report that The Executive handle is extensively better than the razor handles below it.

— If you don’t shave often sufficient to need 4-5 blades per month, then you can switch to the “Not So Hairy Plan”, in which case you’ll receive razor blade orders every other month

— There’s no activation fee to join

— You can choose to add different bonuses to your order on checkout, including Easy Shave butter, worthy Post Shave aftershave, wonder Repair Serum, Hair Paste, and even toilet paper

Should You Sign up for Dollar Shave Club Review?

Dollar Shave Club Review combines the right price with the right level of expediency. If you’re tired of spending $15 to $20 per month on razor blades and keep forgetting to pick up razor blades when you’re at the grocery store, then Dollar Shave Club could take a whole lot of hassle out of your life while saving you money.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind a little bit of problem, then you may be able to find better deals by ordering from online retailers like Amazon or Dollar Shave Club’s supplier, called Dorco.

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