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Motorola Push to Talk Phones

Motorola Push to Talk Phones

by kavitamevadaJune 28, 2017

Motorola Push to talk Phones has two new GSM handsets as a part of its Push-to-Talk over cellular Portfolio. Push-to-talk is a direct real time voice communications service that work in a similar way to walkie-talkies.  Motorola Push to talk Phones technology with commercial CDMA solutions across North America and with commitments to expand its reach with GSM and CDMA push to talk solutions aroundthe world in 2004.

Motorola Push-to-Talk phones have been going in the US for some time now and Motorola thinks the time is right to bring it to the UK. “Motorola Push-to-Talk changes the mobile experience by extending the phone call into a new, more immediate and engaging way to communicate”, said Joel Holl, Director, GSM PTT Products for Motorola’s Mobile Devices business“. A person cans Push-to-Talk with his colleagues one minute then conducts a group chat with his family the next”.

The Motorola C698p is a “candybar” styled handset, and offers features such as dual speakers for use with Push-to-Talk, listening to the latest MP3’s or just chatting with friends. It also boasts an integrated VGA camera and a large 65,000-colour display screen plus key features like preloaded and downloadable games and tri-band technology.

The Motorola C381p meanwhile is a mass market phone that lets you synchronize your calendar and contacts with your PC via Motorola’s Mobile Phone Tools software and multi-task while on its integrated speakerphone.

Both the C698p and C381p feature Motorola’s signature PoC user interface, dedicated Motorola Push-to-Talk phones key and one-touch access to presence-enabled PoC contacts for quick one-to-one or group communication.

They join Motorola’s current portfolio of PoC-enabled mobiles — featuring the popular V400p for GSM operators and T300p and V65p for CDMA operators.

Operator partners will benefit from Motorola’s PoC solutions by being able to offer a new consumer service with limited network implementation requirements.

The Motorola PoC solution’s intuitive experience is also expected to help increase average revenue per user by encouraging frequent use of the new feature.

Motorola also announced that it is to work on unifying Push-to-Talk standards to ensure that it works across networks.

In February 2004, Motorola announced its PoC Device Interoperability Program, extending its commitment to make its interface specifications available to licensees, and will continue to introduce a wide choice of PoC handsets to the market, benefiting both consumers and operators.

Motorola V860 Barrage Verizon Wireless MIL-SPEC Rugged 2MP Cell Phone (No Contract)

Key Fetures:

  • No contract Verizon cell phone ready to activate on Verizon wirelessMotorola
  • Meets military specifications for resistance to temperature, dust, radiation, blowing rain, shock and waterproof when submerged up to 1 meter of water for 30 seconds.
  • 3G enabled
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • GPS

Motorola VU204 No Contract Camera Bluetooth Cell Phone Verizon Wireless

Key Fetures:

  • This product has been extensively tested, is certified to be 100% functional, and ready for activation
  • The Motorola VU204 is a CDMA rounded clamshell design phone with a VGA camera, dual color displays, Bluetooth compatibility, email client, MMS and SMS messaging capabilities, and BREW
  • Other key features of the phone include GPS, voice dialing, and polyphonic ringtones. The VU204 also supports multiple languages including Spanish
  • This is a reliable phone with easy-to-use functions and great sound quality
  • This offer includes the following accessories 1. Battery 2. Battery Cover 3. Wall Charger

Motorola Tundra VA76r Rugged GSM Cell Phone AT&T

Key Fetures:

  • This product has been carefully audited and is certified to be 100% functional.
  • The Motorola Tundra VA76r is a push-to-talk phone with 3G data, GPS, 2MP camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth, and microSD slot
  • This rugged cell phone adheres to military specification 810F for drops, dust, vibration, humidity, temperature, and rain
  • Comes equipped with quad-band GSM for international use, and supports multiple languages including Spanish, French, & Chinese
  • This offer includes the following accessories 1. Battery 2. Battery Cover (if applicable) 3. Wall Charger

Motorola I265 phone

Key Fetures:

  • Cell Phone
  • Push to talk
  • Nextel
  • Motorola
  • Cell Phone

Motorola V400p – GSM

Motorola Push to Talk Phones

The new Motorola V400p is the only quad-band GSM push-to-talk handset that elegantly combines a high-quality speakerphone, dedicated push-to-talk user interface and one-touch button with the moston-demand mobile features including an integrated camera, downloading capabilities and MP3 ringtones.

With its intuitive design and rich feature set, this mobile marvel will help smooth the initialadoption of push-to-talk across Europe and Asia by offering consumers an easy-to-use PTT communications solution combined with their favorite mobile features.

Motorola T300p and model V65p – CDMA

 Motorola Push to Talk Phones

With the addition of the new Motorola T300p and model V65p, CDMA customers will now have a multi-tiered offering from Motorola to meet their individual demands.

For the consumer who demands a lotfrom their phone, the model T300p sports a rugged design to withstand rough conditions, a dedicated push-to-talk button and user interface for easy communications and an integrated speakerphone forhands-free use.

For the consumer who craves a bit more elegance, the new Motorola V65p offers PTT communication combined with a sleek metal housing and color screen.

Motorola handsets are currently in trials with numerous operators around the world. Operator partners will benefit from Motorola’s push-to-talk solutions by being able to offer a new consumer service with limited network implementation requirements. The Motorola push-to-talk solution is also expected to help increase average revenue per user by encouraging frequent use of the new feature with anintuitive experience.

Motorola is committed to enabling multi-vendor interoperability for push-to-talk and is working with global standards organizations such as Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) in developing global standards specifications for the push-to-talk feature.

Push-to-talk communications is a network dependent feature and requires a subscription to a push-to-talk service plan.


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