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Oneplus Power Bank Review

Oneplus Power Bank Review

by kavitamevadaJune 30, 2017

Here Read about Oneplus power bank review. Oneplus power Bank or emergency chargers are becoming popular companion devices for phones that struggle to make it through the day.  Oneplus power bank review is here.

The OnePlus Power Bank is available to buy from OnePlus’ own site, for £13.99. However, with shipping costs you’ll pay £19.48 for the OnePlus 10,000mAh Power Bank in either Sandstone Black or Silk White. That’s not bad value for a power bank of this capacity, although it’s not in the same ball park as the OnePlus One phone.

The OnePlus Power Bank is very nicely designed. Slim and lightweight, it’ll feel just like a Smartphone when slipped into a pocket. With 10,000 mAh of charge store on the Oneplus Power Bank is available.

OnePlus fans will appreciate the finish – it’s the same material as is found on the rear of the phone itself, rough like a carpet but soft to the touch – and with a matching silver trim these two devices will look great side by side.

No carry case is supplied in the box, but it really doesn’t feel as though this power bank would require one.

The packaging comprises one unit of OnePlus Power Bank and a USB cable. Not that you have to use the OnePlus Power Bank with an OnePlus One phone. There’s a Micro-USB cable in the box, which should suit most Android- and Windows Phones, and if you’re using an iPhone you simply need to supply your own Lightning cable.

Our only real gripe is that the OnePlus Power Bank doesn’t support pass-through charging, so when both phone and power bank batteries are depleted you’ll need to separately refill them. To be fair, though, pass-through charging is a high-end feature that’s rarely found at this price.

As with most power banks, OnePlus says there is a multitude of safety features built into its Oneplus Power Bank, with safeguards against overcharging, overheating and short circuits.

Oneplus Power Bank Review

We really like the OnePlus Power Bank. If it weren’t for the shipping costs it would offer excellent value at £13.99, and we know OnePlus One fans will adore its design.

You don’t expect to find high-end features such as an LCD display and pass-through charging at this price, but the shake-activated LED status lights and auto-on functionality are welcome additions.

More importantly, though, this power bank will keep any Smartphone user going all day, all night and beyond.

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oneplus power bank buy online from Amazon. Oneplus Power bank buy online is a beautifully crafted, well designed and very sleek power bank.

Oneplus Power Bank and Xiaomi Power Bank both are use two different Kind of battery in their Power Bank. Oneplus power Bank should be able to change your one plus one about three times.


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