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Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Review, Release date

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) Review, Release date

by kavitamevadaJuly 12, 2017

The New Samsung Gear 360 Review is arguably less than its Predecessor. Samsung gear 360 2017 is only compatible With Some Samsung Android Phones and the Most Recent iPhones. Samsung gear 360 2017 edition is easy and fun to use, especially if you haven’t dipped into 360 degree video before. Samsung Gear 360 Release date Delivery by 12 May 2017. Samsung gear 360 2017 confirmed that will go on sale in the US 25 May at $229.

Samsung Gear 360 Review

The Samsung Gear 360 Review is just a video camera. But thanks to its dual-camera setup, it doesn’t just record the world, it records your world with you included in on the fun. In that sense, the new Samsung Gear 360 2017 shares the same goal as the first iteration: make shooting 360-degree video content easy and relatively affordable. However, it goes about its mission in a much sleeker fashion, ditching the bulbous heft of last year’s model and opting for a more portable build that’s arguably easier and more fun to use.


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The new Samsung Gear 360 Review is arguably less striking than its predecessor – it lacks the built-in tripod and isn’t quite as “sci-fi stylish”. But that’s more than outweighed by its smaller size and lighter weight.

It’ll fit into a trouser pocket without causing any curious bulges, and it even comes with a nice soft carry case to prevent it getting scratched by your keys.

While the loss of the built-in tripod is disappointing, there is a standard tripod mount on the bottom, which’ll come in handy when taking time-lapse videos and HDR landscape shots. Said bottom is also flat, so you could conceivably stand the Samsung Gear 360 2017 on a tabletop or other level surface for steadiness.

It’s an attractive, simple design with no ugly protrusions and only a few controls. There’s a slot for a microSD card, a tiny LCD display and a metal loop for attaching a wrist strap.

The previous Gear 360’s removable battery has been replaced by a built-in one, which is Rechargeable via USB-C. Like the original Samsung Gear 360, it comes with IP53 protection, which means it’s basically dust- and spray-proof.

It isn’t as fully splash- or waterproof to the same degree as, say, the IP68-rated Samsung Galaxy S8, so a dunking could prove fatal. You should be fine using it in a rain shower though.


Samsung gear 360 review, Samsung gear 360 2017, Samsung gear 360 release date

The Samsung Gear 360 2017 is only compatible with some Samsung Android phones (running Android 5.0 or above) and the most recent iPhones. There’s a full list on Samsung’s site, though I found it works fine on my iPhone 6, which isn’t listed as supported. Unusually, it won’t work on non-Samsung Android devices, which seems odd given the iPhone support.

After downloading the Samsung Gear 360 companion app, I had my iPhone 6 and the Samsung Gear 360 2017 connected via Wi-Fi within a couple of minutes. You simply hold down the connect button until a menu appears, cycle through to the “connect to iOS” option and then use the Wi-Fi password to manually hook up your iPhone and the Gear 360.

It’s even easier with a Samsung phone. With a Galaxy S8, I didn’t even need to manually enter the password – the Gear 360 and phone detected each other via Bluetooth and I was prompted to pair by tapping on the screen.

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The Samsung Gear 360 2017 to the Android-only Insta360 Air camera (£139), because that only works when connected physically to a phone; the Gear 360’s tripod mount and wireless connections give you far more shooting options.

Insta360 also makes the iPhone-only Nano (£180), which can be used off-phone, but that’s a little older and the image quality (a max of 2K resolution) isn’t as high as the similarly-priced Samsung Gear 360. 2K is the highest resolution you can shoot 360-degree video in here.

Another alternative is LG’s 360 Cam (£180), which it released alongside its flagship G5 phone in 2016. Like the Nano, it’s a simple camera that’s limited to 2K quality. It’s also tiny, features a tripod mount, connects to Android phones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and works solo too.


Is the new Samsung Gear 360 2017 the perfect 360-degree camera? Certainly not – the image quality sees to that – but it’s the best pocket-sized, VR maker we’ve seen so far.

While the video and photo quality is acceptable rather than exceptional, the ease with which the camera and mobile app work together, plus the convenience of the small, lightweight build, makes this a notable improvement over the previous Samsung Gear 360.

If you’re a Samsung or iPhone user looking for a fuss-free way of capturing some 360-degree footage or ultra-wide time-lapse videos, and aren’t don’t expect pro-quality results, this fits the bill nicely.

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Samsung Gear 360 Release Date

Samsung Gear 360 Release Date Promising Delivery by 12 May 2017. It has also been confirmed that the Samsung Gear 360 Release Date will go on Sale in the US today at $229, which is cheaper than its $349 predecessor.

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